5 Reasons We Love Texas for #nationaltexasday



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Texas sure is big! In fact, it’s the second largest state in the US, but that’s not where it stops. From ten-gallon hats to multi-million-dollar high school football stadiums, everything really is bigger in Texas.

On top of the many inspiring traits of the Lone Star State’s people and landscape, Texas is a growing hub for tech companies and has been for some time. Often referred to as Silicon Hills, Facebook, Google, and Apple have all opened Austin offices to capitalize on the thriving environment, a growing trend in the start-up and B2B markets.

Celebrating the annual #NationalTexasDay, and as a newly opened marketing agency in Texa, we hear from our US team about the many reasons they love Lone Star State.


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Source: National Day Calendar, Texas

Sydney Moore, Content Specialist


Having recently joined the company and lived an entire life in the state, our paid social specialist, Sydney Moore, has a strong love for Texas and its incredible landscape. Following a short break in Lubbock during college, the heartwarming culture and endless stunning scenery soon drew her back to the Texan lifestyle.

“I love the perfect blend of the South and the American Southwest, which provides a diverse landscape and culture that makes Texas distinct. From the deep hills of the Hill Country, the deserts and mountains of Far West Texas, to the Piney Woods of East Texas, there are so many unique places under the umbrella that makes Texas itself.”

Laci Wiggins, Executive Vice President


Leading a world of positivity and innovation over in the US, our EVP, Laci Wiggins, is a faithful native Texan. On top of her love for the state’s notorious food, “BBQ, Tex-Mex… I could go on and on”, Laci’s gratitude for the pronounced seasons and consistent weather is definitely up there.

“I love the sunshine and heat. I sat in a dog park in the middle of January, wearing a tank top and soaking up the 80-degree weather.”

Luke Warrington, Content Specialist


Eight months into his new Texan venture, our content specialist, Luke Warrington, can’t speak highly enough of the positive and uplifting mood across the state. “I love how welcoming everyone has been to me. I’ve had a wonderful time exploring the cities, towns and everything in-between, meeting all sorts of interesting people along the way.”

Larger than life characters light up the cowboy state, staying true to its XL prestige! With a diverse range of talent in our Texas office, the non-natives within the team have been soaking up the welcoming energy since relocating.

Grant Daniels, Growth Manager


Starting 2022 with Search Laboratory, our new Growth Manager, Grant Daniels, detailed his nourishing experience as a seventh generation Texan growing up on the west coast, and recently relocating after 30 years.

“My first reaction was all about the people. Everyone is super nice! Coming from Seattle where we had the Seattle Freeze, I wasn’t expecting the friendly nature which exists here in Texas. The positive nature of Austinites’ is contagious, encouraging additional connection building. I can’t get enough of it!”

Ben Pollock, Account Director


Our Account Director, Ben Pollock, noted enough reasons to convince anyone to move to Texas! Along with the countless entertaining traits of the state, ‘The Texas Dream’ is a significant attraction for those loaded with ambition.

“Everyone is incredibly friendly, the weather is great, great food, beer, there are so many college and pro sports to watch all year, and most importantly, Texas is a place that people from all around the world move to in order to find success and live their dream. There is a can-do, ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit in Texas that is infectious.”

Hiring the best talent has been hugely important to Search Laboratory since day one, and we believe Texas has an unrivalled pool of potential which we are delighted to live alongside.

If you would like to join our Austin team, we have several vacancies that you may be interested in – take a look here.