Search Laboratory was approached by MaritzCX, one of world’s leading customer experience and market research agencies, to manage their PPC campaigns and landing page optimisation efforts.

MaritzCX was a Utah-based LLC, with offices globally. They provided a range of services including customer journey analysis, strategy, design consulting, mystery shopping and more. They worked closely with global brands like Qantas, Dräger and General Motors. The programmes MaritzCX instituted created and drove ongoing and measurable ROI.

Search Laboratory was ideally situated to offer MaritzCX the services needed due to our expertise in these fields and our offices in New York.
This case study will focus on the landing page optimisation aspect of work with MaritzCX.


increase in engagement rate

The solution


The MaritzCX landing pages were suffering from a dated look and feel. Body copy that was confusing and social proof that was missing. All of these elements, and more, combined to reduce the persuasive power that the landing page had on arriving traffic, culminating in poor performance.

Search Laboratory’s solution to this problem was twofold. The first was to provide a landing page optimisation copy guide that could be distributed internally to the MaritzCX content team. This detailed guide covered crucial principles of landing page success, how to manage barriers to conversion and more.

The second aspect of the project was to tie together the copy writing insights and gather other conversion research that had been conducted using tools including Crazy Egg and Google Analytics. The insights combined to produce the following landing page, which was then split tested to confirm whether it improved the performance of the existing landing page.

When the project started, it was clear that the existing landing page template had a number of layout related issues. These were as follows:

  • The headline was displayed over an image making it hard to read
  • It was difficult to understand the unique campaign proposition quickly
  • There was little distinction between information within the page layout

A screenshot of one of MatrizCX webpages prior to being reoptimised by Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Landing page before optimisation

A screenshot of one of MatrizCX webpages after it had been reoptimised by Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.

Landing page after optimisation

When comparing the two landing pages side by side, you can immediately see that, after the landing page optimisation, the headline is now clear, the unique campaign proposition is immediately understandable and content is digestible, through the small sections separated by space appropriately.

The landing page body copy was initially packed full of long and complex sentences. This made it harder for a user to quickly understand the unique campaign proposition. A third-party tool was used called The Hemmingway editor, which identifies sentences that are harder to understand, and therefore less likely to persuade the user to convert.

The new landing page leveraged the power of social proof, using two powerful customer testimonials, compared to the old landing page where this form of persuasion was missing. By including the name of the client and their position, this adds further credibility to the landing page.

Two examples of social proof, one from Anheuser-Busch and the other from Drager, on the reoptimised webpage for MaritzCX. The work was carried out by Search Laboratory digital marketing agency.




The post-experiment period revealed that the landing page conversion rate improved by 26.93% compared to the pre-experiment period.

The client was so pleased with the work, they had this to say:

The Search Labs team has been an absolute pleasure to work with. The CRO and PPC team worked hard to make this project a success from day one. Since I rolled out the new copy and design, we have seen our landing page conversion rate increase by 26.93% compared to the pre test period.

We will be taking the best practices of Landing Page design and copy and applying it to our other top paid search landing pages in the next month. I am confident that our engagement with Search Labs will continue to have a huge impact on the business over time. If you are on the fence about working with the Search Labs CRO team – Don’t be! You’re in good hands

Jessie Harris, Web Marketing Manager, MaritzCX


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