On-Page SEO

Search Laboratory's SEO team are experts in on-page SEO. The structure of your website plays a significant role in how well it ranks in the organic search engine results.Our team of search specialists can make detailed recommendations as to how you can optimise the coding and structure of your website to help it rank better in the natural search engine results.

Search Laboratory can provide a bespoke technical report for your website that looks at how it is configured in granular detail. Described as the "Haynes Manual" for on-page SEO, Search Laboratory's reports highlight the main issues in the eyes of a search engine spider, and also explain why this is an issue, what needs to be done and most importantly how to do it.

Every report is bespoke and unique to the individual client's website and online requirements.

Including practical recommendations as to how you can improve your website and its structure, the report is provided so that your technical team may implement these changes.

It is recommended that you tackle your on-page SEO prior to the start of any link building campaigns to ensure you get optimum results from your on-going SEO activity.

On-Page SEO - Technical SEO Recommendations


Our on-page SEO reporting covers:

  • Site structure and crawlability issues
  • Duplicate content
  • Technical SEO elements e.g. use of robots.txt, canonical tags, structured data (rich snippets) etc.
  • Page and menu structure
  • Keyword relevance auditing, research and selection
  • Usability issues
  • Competitor analysis
  • Off-page strategy creation
  • Google Plus Local optimisation (if relevant)
  • Detailed recommendations for multilingual sites
  • Mobile site optimisation (on request)

On-page SEO reporting may take the form of a full and complete on-page SEO analysis report, or just be a brief consultation including recommendations to complement your wider link building package.

Speak to one of the team to find out more about our On-Page SEO services or email us via our contact page form.