This case study demonstrates how Search Laboratory used advanced Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) techniques to increase lead generation from the client’s websites.

Our client is an award-winning travel company that specializes in creating tailor-made experiences for its clients. Leads generated by the website are converted offline by specialist personal advisers.

We are working with them in the UK and US markets, and are also using technical SEO to target high-value keyword searches.


improvement in overall conversion rate


increase in the number of leads


increase in new clients


new page 1 keywords

CRO aims


  • Improve the conversion rate
  • Maintain the quality of leads
  • Reduce the overall cost per lead

SEO aims


  • Optimize and improve organic keyword performance
  • Increase quality of relevant traffic to luxury products
  • Generate more organic leads

The solution – advanced CRO


We undertook qualitative and quantitative conversion research and prioritized our efforts on the areas of the website that would drive the most value in the shortest timescale.

  • Through UX, UI and form analysis of the enquiry page, we diagnosed and prioritized opportunities to reduce friction and make the new page more intuitive
  • Using the insights from the conversion research, we developed a hypothesis and designed a challenger page for testing
  • Internal testing gave us the confidence to run a live A/B test, which generated a statistically significant result showing that the challenger did increase conversion rates
  • Sales conversion rates subsequently confirmed that there had been no negative impact on lead quality

A/B testing –
sample results


  • This image illustrates (highlighted in yellow) how the challenger form significantly outperformed the control, and improved the conversion rate of the enquiry page.
  • The median conversion rate improvement was over 35%
  • The probability to beat the baseline was 100%
  • These statistics proved the hypothesis that this key enquiry page lacked clarity and persuasion, and made a measurable impact on revenue and business profitability

Using technical SEO to rank for high intent keywords


We used the keyword insight tools in SEOLab, our proprietary suite of research and reporting tools, to identify destinations, hotels and experiences that had a luxury intent behind the search.

After identifying keywords and content opportunities, we created tailored pages and content to capture traffic for these high-value search terms.

We also migrated their US pages to a subfolder, which ensured that the US site benefited from the authority of the main site. Our US team also localized the keywords and page copy to ensure that conversions were maximized for the US audience.

CRO – results


  • Overall conversion rate increased by 28%
  • Lead volumes increased by 8.5%
  • Resulting sales increased by 8.5%

Technical SEO – results


  • 8% increase in form fills
  • 21% traffic increase
  • Page 1 ranking for 56 new high value search terms

The CRO Manager identified that our key inquiry page was losing valuable leads by lacking clarity and persuasion. By testing an alternative version, he generated a significant increase in conversion rate, which has made a measurable impact on revenue and our business profitability. He has also improved other metrics across the site as we have split tested the next best opportunities.


In addition, Search Laboratory’s account management has been proactive, thorough and always done with our interests at heart. Their understanding of our quite unique business model and ability to find niche opportunities that predecessors couldn’t, has really helped grow our business in the UK and US. I would be happy to recommend each of these services, without question.’

Client contact – Global Head of Marketing & PR 

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