The brief

Soliant and Sunbelt Staffing are two brands owned by Adecco, specializing in medical recruitment. One key area for both is nursing jobs, and in particular, travel nursing. In the recruitment market, the SERPs are dominated by general jobs boards such as and Simply Hired, as well as local operators in each regional market. There are no local offices, which means that we cannot employ local SEO tactics such as Google MyBusiness pages.


Due to the nature of the industry, individual pages are added and dropped often due to jobs being available and filled. Prior to Search Laboratory, Soliant had been under a manual action penalty.

The main objective of this campaign was to increase new users and conversions for their websites.


increase in organic sessions


increase in organic goal completions


links built

The solution

Content and online PR


Search Laboratory secured 80 links to the site, and ten pieces of coverage. The average domain of those sites stands at an amazing 53.6.


The focus was to secure authoritative and relevant links from the medical niche. This has been achieved through various tactics and campaigns, one of which was Soliant’s Most Beautiful Hospitals Campaign. The content and online PR team drove entrants to the competition by contacting relevant hospitals and local/national media outlets, which in turn led to links and coverage for Soliant. Follow-ups with the hospitals and their local media were done once the shortlisted hospitals and winners were selected to drive traffic, votes and more coverage.


Soliant COPR

Sunbelt Staffing

Search Laboratory secured 35 links and 26 pieces of coverage from the  recent campaign titled ‘America’s Most Googled Ailments’.


The campaign centered around using Google Search Trends to find out which ailments US regions were searching for the most. The following topics were covered.


Mental health, sports injuries, respiratory, dermatological, digestive, common ailments.


The aim of the campaign was to get Sunbelt Staffing mentioned in top US publications, as well as securing quality links to the homepage.

The campaign was covered by Men’s Journal, CNET, Mental Floss and MSN.


Technical SEO


  • The disavow file has been updated recently, removing the most toxic links

Sunbelt Staffing

  • A drop-down navigation was added to aid crawl efficiency and user experience. This gave search engines global access to deeper pages
  • The disavow file has also been updated recently, removing the most toxic links


Sunbelt Staffing

Organic sessions up 39.88% YoY

Organic new users up 31.71% YoY

Goal completions up 94.41% YoY



Organic sessions up 44.57% YoY

Organic new users up 42.72% YoY

Organic goal completions up 52.30% YoY

Mobile organic sessions up 72.06% YoY

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