COVID-19 Resources

Resources to help you navigate your digital marketing needs during these unprecedented times


The coronavirus pandemic has caused uncertainty in many businesses. Many have seen sessions and conversions drop while others have seen a boost in business.

We have collated all of our content in one place to help you navigate your digital marketing needs during these unprecedented times.

Industry and company updates

Business as usual

Search Laboratory has closed its offices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 but is continuing to operate business as usual.

Should you be stepping back on your marketing activity right now?

Our experts look at ways to adapt your marketing during the coronavirus crisis to use your time more effectively and come out in a strong position.

Aiding recovery and growth with data-driven marketing

After a difficult year for businesses, now is the time to plan for growth. Our CEO runs through how to make more from your data and digital strategy.

Free downloadable dashboards to measure success in the current climate

COVID-19 has caused my sessions and conversion rates to crash – what should I do?

We outline how marketers can effectively use their time during the coronavirus pandemic, including a free custom Data Studio dashboard to measure engagement.

Staying productive during the COVID-19 crisis

Four things you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic to get your marketing strategy in order that won’t use up your marketing budget. This also includes a dashboard to measure when consumer interest is returning to your market.

Resources to help you kick-start your marketing plans

Online workshop: Kick-starting your marketing in a post-pandemic world

Unsure how you should adjust your marketing strategy when your market begins to return to normal? This online workshop is for you, watch it on-demand now.

Whitepaper: Kick-starting your marketing in a post-pandemic world 

This whitepaper outlines how marketers can effectively kickstart their marketing in a post-pandemic world, when to get started and what you can do now.

Podcast: Kick-starting your marketing in a post pandemic world 

Search Laboratory’s Founder, Ian Harris, was joined by our Heads of Digital, Rob Marsden, Pete Whitmarsh and Jimmy McCann, to discuss how and when to ramp marketing back up again, the different tactics that may be required and what you should be doing now. Listen now on Spotify or iTunes.

How (and why) to run virtual events

There are many benefits to hosting virtual events. Our Events Manager, Alice Lawson, runs through how and why to include them in your marketing strategy.

Writing content during times of crisis

Whether it’s a pandemic, civil rights movement, or economic recession, learn how to navigate your content marketing during times of unrest.

Using international expansion as a tool for recovering from the pandemic

The pandemic has accelerated growth in some international markets. Find out how you can use this as a tool to recover lost revenue.

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