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When successful, launching into new international markets is a great way of expanding your reach and increasing your online revenue. However, each market comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges and not all markets will be suitable for your business.


Translation is not enough

What works in one market is not guaranteed to work in the next; everything from the brand message to the images used on your website needs to be culturally and linguistically localized if your brand is to succeed internationally.  


In this section of the B2B Playbookwe will guide you through every stage of global expansion – from researching which market to move into, to executing cross-country campaigns.  


Which section is right for me?

Our beginner section is perfect for businesses who are well established in their home country and are looking to launch their brand into new markets and want to understand the basics of international marketing


Our intermediate guides are ideal if you know which market you want to expand into but need help creating a digital strategy which is culturally and linguistically localized.


Our advanced section contains everything you need to know to further improve your results, both short and long term.

Website Traffic for Beginners


Website Traffic | Intermediate Level


Website Traffic | For Advanced




How to implement hreflang and every country and language code you will need

Discover the benefits of hreflang and how to prepare your site to successfully enter new global markets.

Easily change Google location settings with our free Chrome extension

There are a huge number of regional SERPs where Google is available. You can easily change Google location settings with our downloadable Chrome extension.

Are you underestimating the power of Bing?

Bing accounts for 6% of the search engine market share worldwide but its unique audience means it should be included in your search strategy.

A screenshot of Bing search engine which is part of a piece of content by Search Laboratory.

International expansion: what are the risks and how can you minimize them?

Expanding into new markets is high reward, but high risk. Our Head of International runs through the challenges and how to minimize them.

A step by step guide to going global

Our Head of International Marketing runs through how to successfully launch your brand into a new market

Top five international digital marketing fails (Webinar)

This video assesses how to avoid common mistakes many brands make when going global and what you can do instead.

Brand awareness campaign leads to 215% more traffic for Kreg Tool

Read how Search Laboratory helped Kreg Tool enter a new market and increase revenue through display, video and paid social.

Improving online visibility in new markets: translation and SEO

Speaking your customer’s language is vital, but translation alone will not work. Native linguists and SEO expertise are required to succeed in a new market.

Why local keyword research matters

Find out how you can maximize your chances of being visible in international search engines by conducting local market keyword research.

Marketplaces versus direct selling

We’ve outlined five key areas to consider when planning your global strategy and deciding on whether to sell via marketplaces or direct.

What is Google Market Finder: My Export Score?

Find out what Google Market Finder: My Export Score is and how it can help you start your worldwide expansion journey.

Should you be using Google Market Finder?

Can Google Market Finder help you? Read on to as we take a look at how it works.



Is now the right time to go global?

Global expansion can expand your customer base and increase revenue, but there are three key factors to consider before you launch.

Cultural audit: how to avoid alienating your international customers

When expanding internationally, translation alone will not be enough. Our cultural audit looks at the cultural considerations you will need to adhere to.

Entering the French market: how to overcome digital marketing challenges in France

Learn more about the unique challenges the French market presents and how to overcome them.

Three common hreflang mistakes and how to fix them

Hreflang tags are essential for brands with multilingual websites. We reveal the most common mistakes made, and how to fix them.

690% revenue increase for Burton Snowboards

Find out how we successfully launched our client into international markets and increased their paid revenue by 690% for just a 320% increase in spend.

Five quick and cost-effective ways to build links in new international markets

Building links an integral to any SEO strategy. Here, we run through five cost-effective ways to build link authority to your new international domain.

Getting the most from your international digital marketing campaigns (Webinar)

We look at how to get the most from your global digital marketing campaigns, no matter where you are in your international journey.

120% account growth for Hootsuite

We manage Hootsuite’s Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch PPC campaigns, using in-house linguists to create a centralized paid strategy.

Keywords, acronyms, and expanding into European markets – guidance for tech marketers

Keywords, acronyms, and expanding into European markets – guidance for tech marketers

If you’re in the tech sector and expanding or operating worldwide, download our acronym guide to ensure you’re optimizing for the right terms.



Using international expansion as a tool for recovering from the pandemic

The pandemic accelerated growth in certain world markets. Find out how you can use this as a tool to recover lost revenue.

An integrated approach for international automation software company, Appian

Find out how we increased qualified leads and reduced CPA across nine territories and four languages for software company Appian.

How to structure your international PPC campaigns

Find out how we increased revenue and ROAS while decreasing spend across PPC and programmatic for a health device and smartwatch client.

187% increase in ROAS for Withings

Find out how we increased revenue and ROAS while decreasing spend across PPC and programmatic for a health device and smartwatch client.

International digital PR: what content gets links in different markets?

Our Head of International looks at two years of international link data to determine which content types get coverage in different markets.

Localized strategy produces profound results for Staar Surgical

Find out how we helped Staar Surgical to enter new markets with a localized paid search strategy, and increase their conversions by 364%

Global PR coverage for Citrix ShareFile

Find out how we used digital PR to increase organic rankings for ShareFile, part of Citrix Systems.

The featured image for a case study by Search Laboratory about Citrix Sharefile.

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