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Search Laboratory Search Marketing Quiz at Digital Cream

Our Search Engine Marketing quiz was the hot topic at TFM&A and Digital Cream this month. Everyone wanted to put their skills to the test and find out how good they really are at Search Engine Marketing.

Some left a little disappointed after finding their score was lower than expected, however with the average score being 4 out of 8 (3.8 to be precise) not many people excelled themselves. Only one person from both shows managed to get all the answer right!

Well done to:

Kristal Ireland from Welcome to Yorkshire

who wins our prize of a shiny new ipad!

We thought you may like to know how you fared against the competition so we have put together a few basic statistics below as well as the CORRECT ANSWERS so you can brush up on your skills.

Search Engine Marketing Quiz Results

SEO, PPC, Search Labs Search Engine Marketing Quiz Results


The correct answers:

Q1. Which landing page performs significantly better?

Landing Page Optimisation


A strong call to action with clear product shots and benefits make the first page convert better.

Q2. Which is the most popular search engine in Japan?

Most Popular Search Engine in Japan

Yahoo! Is still the largest search engine in Japan.

Q3. Which ad text has double the click through rate of the other?

Adwords Click Through Rates

Short, simple ad beats the alternative easily.

Q4. Which of these is the least important area to include your target keywords?

Meta Data - Which parts are important?

The keyword meta tag is little used by search engines.

Q5. Which is the better optimised Google Places listing?

Google Places Optimised Page

Listing 1 has a spammy title and does not have as complete a profile.

Q6. Is it time to drop the worst performing advert?

Adwords Advert Performance

Performing a statistical test, fifty impressions and zero clicks is enough to prove this ad will not recover to be as good as ad number one (to a 95% confidence level).

Q7. Which is the better link to have on your site?

Page Rank

Q8. Is it time to drop the worst performing ad?

Which Advert Performs Better

Despite the close CTRs, the volume of impressions and clicks is such that it is very unlikely that ad 2 will ever catch ad 1 (to a 95% confidence level).

Photo: Rights Reserved by paulclarke.com taken for Econsultancy at Digital Cream 2011.

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