SEO misconceptions: the truth


Claudia Horak

Technical SEO

I’ll be honest, working in PPC, I thought I knew what SEO was. Put a few keywords in the <h1> headers, make sure to repeat targeted keywords over and over (in a totally natural way, of course), send out a few emails asking various websites to link to a clients super duper products and make sure to regularly update blog content so that search engine robots can do their job of scanning a website and increase its presence on Google rankings. Straightforward. Simple. Easy – right?

No, of course not! SEO is an industry full of misconceptions and to show you just how wrong these are, here are my top three:


SEO misconceptions

MISCONCEPTION #1: “SEO is all about repeating keywords as much as possible”

SEO keywords

MISCONCEPTION #2: “SEO is all about links and all links are created equal”

SEO content creation

MISCONCEPTION #3: “SEO is a computer-based strategy that is on the out”

SEO links


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