Rentokil is a professional pest control service with over 90 years of experience delivering market-leading solutions. After recognizing that their YOY metrics were down for digital in the EU, the company tasked Search Laboratory with identifying why this was happening, whether their current international marketing strategy was working, and how best to approach future campaigns.

The marketing team at Rentokil chose Search Laboratory as their preferred digital marketing agency due to our intricate knowledge of data-driven strategies. The client had confidence in our ability to unlock a deeper understanding of their data, which would ripple through their wider EU teams and improve their performance in an increasingly competitive international market.

Our objectives


Rentokil tasked our experts with identifying why digital marketing efforts were not succeeding and putting a strategy in place to increase qualified visitors to the site and improve audience targeting.

Our objectives were:

  • Identify challenges and demands in each territory
  • Create domestic and commercial prospect personas
  • Unify online and offline leads
  • Provide recommendations on strategy moving forward.

The solution


As a member of Google’s International Growth Program, we were able to conduct a detailed market-by-market analysis identifying strengths and weaknesses in Rentokil’s current strategy and advise how to create measurement actions for future growth.

From in-depth analysis across their European sites, we began to unlock the varying demands for pest control and where the best priorities lie in each market. This analysis informed the delivery of educational sessions and recommendations to inform the wider EU team on these insights, boosting performance and understanding of the broader world of search.


Identifying customer personas


Our research into each market revealed ideal client personas that Rentokil should be trying to target. We then revived GA4 as the central search console, building bespoke dashboards for each market and heightening perspectives over the client’s data.

These insights highlighted that much of Rentokil’s informative content attracted frequent domestic leads when their team hoped to target larger commercial traffic. To identify the two, we tied up online and offline leads by creating trackable events in GA4.

Our recommendations


After our research started to unlock the truths within Rentokil’s data, we began delivering recommendations on optimizing and activating their audience.

Breaking down individual sectors, we curated a series of materials and documentation for marketing managers in each country to begin implementing their strategies. Looking at location performance and Google’s MyBusiness (GMB) profiles, we were able to streamline their strategy towards more targeted audiences to give them the best chance of digital success in the future.


Our recommendations to improve the success of Rentokil’s digital marketing efforts included:

  • Maintaining consistency throughout channels
  • Ensuring GMB profiles allocated a single registered address, adding multiple store locations while avoiding duplicates
  • Producing informational content that is still valuable in attracting relevant leads
  • Creating and updating content to focus on more commercial terms that will attract larger businesses
  • Using heat map data to identify areas with ample opportunities to raise targeted, local brand awareness and visibility
  • Integrating GA4 with CRM data to better understand campaigns that lead to sales.

These strategic changes became a catalyst for Rentokil’s future strategy and success.

Implementing and supporting our strategy


After explaining the amends to their strategy and setting up individual dashboards, we arranged frequent follow-ups with the Rentokil team to provide further support and recommendations on the plan moving forward.

Meetings with the marketing managers in each country allowed everyone to remain informed and review the materials and documentation we had provided. These interactions allowed Rentokil to give feedback on how this will change their way of working and implement the strategy company-wide.

“We asked Search Laboratory to assess our strategy and make recommendations on how to improve our performance in an increasingly competitive world. The team were easy to work with and very responsive. 

They carried out in-depth analyses of our sites across Europe in a short period of time and presented their findings back in a clear and concise way. Our local marketing teams really appreciated the insights and recommendations made by the Search Laboratory team and were able to make proper action plans as a result.”

Randolph Carter, Marketing Director Europe of Rentokil Initial

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