Everything you need to know from capturing data to advanced machine learning


We’ve all heard of a data-driven marketing strategy, but what does that entail? Here, we will run through every aspect of data you need to know – everything from capturing it, through to building advanced machine learning solutions using your first-party data.


Audience, Attribution and Automation

Our insights will help you to collect and analyze your data, to understand the true value of each channel in the customer journey. The aim being to create a full-funnel audience strategy, which better utilizes your marketing budget for increased revenue and decreased costs.


We will also show you how to use your first-party data and how it is ideal for those who want to move towards a data-driven strategy.


Which section is right for me?

Our beginner section contains advice on how to identify and capture relevant data and is ideal for those who want to move towards a data-driven strategy.


Our intermediate section looks at the ways you can incorporate data into your strategy to improve your digital marketing results.


Our advanced guides are ideal for businesses who have access to data and want to build advanced, integrated solutions to their digital marketing challenges.

Website Traffic for Beginners


Website Traffic | Intermediate Level


Website Traffic | For Advanced




Why you need Google Analytics 4: reconnecting the customer journey (Online workshop)

Watch this online workshop which explores the next-generation features of Google Analytics 4 and its solutions to cookieless challenges.


The end of third-party cookies and the future of privacy (Podcast)

This podcast explores the world of online privacy and what the future of digital marketing looks like with the end of third-party cookies.


Data preservation: digital marketing in a post-cookie era

Our ability to track cookies has diminished. Find out the steps you need to take now to preserve your first-party data.


Four key areas to utilize your data to grow your business online

In this blog we highlight four areas where advancing your data-driven marketing can reduce your business’s ad spend and increase revenue.




GA4’s attribution and modeling enable deeper insights and actionability than ever before

Learn to optimize Google’s next generation modeling and attribution, move closer to your insights and reap the business benefits of GA4.

The challenges of considered purchases and harnessing behavioral modeling to predict the future

Discover how to combat the challenges of considered purchases and utilize behavioral modeling to evolve your marketing strategy.

Harnessing automation and machine learning to evolve your marketing strategy

Discover how to utilize automation and machine learning to boost performance and evolve your digital strategy for the future of marketing.

Digital advertising in a post cookie world

Digital advertising in a post-cookie world

The loss of cookies and online identifiers directly impacts our ability to advertise to users. Find out how this can be overcome in our blog.

Cloud marketing: what is it, and why should you be using it?

We look at what exactly is cloud for marketing and why it is an essential component of a successful digital marketing strategy.

The list of Google Marketing platform tools, sold by Search Laboratory UK.

GMP and data integration: how does it work?

Learn how each tool within the Google Marketing Platform integrates with one another, and how this can be used to improve your digital strategy.

Using first-party data to inform your content strategy

Use these first-party data sources to inform your content strategy and ensure the content you produce pushes your customers along the sales funnel.



The attribution challenges of high-value online purchases workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to overcome the challenges faced by companies selling high-valued purchases, how to shift towards a modeled world using centralized data and why every business should have a data roadmap.

The digital maturity solution to evolving your marketing strategy

Discover the digital maturity solution to evolving your strategy for the future, cookie-less age of marketing.

Google Signals in GA4: What is it and why should you activate it?

Google Signals is one of the best tools available to combat the loss of cookies and online identifiers. Find out why and what you need to do.

Business Intelligence (BI) in digital marketing

Our Head of Business Intelligence, looks at what BI for digital marketing actually involves.

The tools and techniques to join online and offline marketing sources

In this webinar you’ll learn how tying up the full customer journey is key to understanding where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts.

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